Remon by Rebeka Monhartová is a fashion brand offering clothing and felt caps that I’ve decided to call Cap.on – they are colorful, simple and fit for every occasion. For a romantic dinner on a ferris wheel or for a walk with your unicorn. Hang out with them in sweet-shop or travel by time machine.

It does not matter whether you are a boy, a man, a girl, a woman or an eternal child. The main thing is that you are a lover of gummy bears and you’re not afraid to put four sugar cubes into your tea. You can be either from the city, the castle, or other universe. Remon by Rebeka is for everyone who can slow down in the middle of a hectic day, close eyes for a while and dream. Look into the sun. Think of cotton candy. It is for those who live for themselves and for everybody.

My inspiration for what I do is the ubiquitous beauty around us and the love for the materials I work with. I’m powered by the desire for precision. Like when you bite into a home-made donut. They are perfectly imperfect. Traditional in the modern world. Produced by hand, with my head in the clouds, from 2016.