What is Cap.on made of?

The cap consists of four main components – body of the cap, ribbon, logo and saddle rivets. The body of the cap is of the highest quality hat material – rabbit felt (used by famous world brands). The grosgrain ribbons consist of  – 60% of cotton and 40% of acetate fiber. The logo strip is made of 100% leather, and it is fixed by iron nickel rivets.

Why does it takes about 2 weeks to delivery the Cap.on?

Caps are handmade and therefore it needs more time to be made. We emphasize on details in every part of the production, from molding the felt to sewing ribbons.

Is it possible to make a cap from colors not published in the offer?

Color combination of the caps can be made only of the offer published on the e-shop www.remonbyrebeka.com. You can’t choose colors not published in the official offer. Currently, almost 1000 different color combinations can be selected from 10 color felt, 10 color ribbons and 8 color logos. In the future, we plan to add other 7 colors of the cap. You can look forward to our limited editions as well.

How should I measure my head circumference? Doues the Cap.on become loose a bit? Should I choose larger size of the cap?

You can find the illustration of “how to measure the head circumference” on the Cap.on e-shop next to the size selection. There is a inelastic grosgrain ribbon inside teh cap, which holds the shape and size of the, so it won’t become looser by the time. We recommend you to order the size you measured. If you prefer to wear a bit larger caps or hats, we recommend you to order one size bigger.

What should I do if the size of the cap doesn’t fit me?

If the size of cap doesn’t fit perfectly, we will adjust the size for free (we can make it bigger or smaller by one size). You will only pay for the postage.

Is it possible to order the “half number”?

Although we don’t have the half sizes on our website, we can make it for you. Write the request into the notes (e.g. 56,5cm). If needed, we will contact you for more information.

Can be Cap.on deformed by the rain?

Caps are hardened by a special substance soluble in alcohol. Rain don’t have an effect on the shape of the cap. However, we recommend you not to wear them in heavy rain, heavy snow or any other extreme conditions.

How should I take care of my Cap.on?

Caps don’t require any special care. Comb your cap with a soft brush to remove dust or tiny specks. If the cap is dirty, gently wipe it with a wet rag. As it is a very fine and high quality material, we recommend you to handle the cap carefully and not to expose it to any extreme weather, physical or chemical conditions.

Is it possible to order deeper cap? This depth is too shallow for me (I’d like to hide my ears in it, I have a high forehead,…).

We can create a depth of Cap.on just as you like it (we often deal with “hiding ears” – e.g. 2-3 cm deeper). Write the request into the notes. If needed, we will contact you for more information.

Is it possible to make teh peak shorter or longer? 

Yes, if you would like to have longer or shorter peak, please let us know in a note. We will contact you and arrange all the details.