Recircle hat


Unisex RECIRCLE hate made of recycled fabric and luxury hat material.


RECIRCLE is a collection of fashion accessories that was created in cooperation with the design shop ŌM Touch. In our collection we use recycled non-woven fabrics, luxury hat materials – rabbit felt originating in the Czech Republic and Piñatex, leather made from pineapple leaves. We are inspired by the Go green movement, which is fighting for more environmentally friendly operation with waste and friendly approach to nature and its resources.


Additional information

Výroba | Production

Navrženo a vyrobeno v České republice
Designed and produced in Czech republic

Složení | Materials

Krempa / Brim: 100% Tavtex
Hlava: 100% Králičí plsť / Head: 100% Rabbit felt

Péče | Care

Klobouk neperte, nežehlete, nebělte ani nesušte v bubnové sušičce. / Do not wash, do not iron, do not bleach and avoid spin dry.
Velmi jemně otírejte vlhkým hadříkem a nechte uschnout ve stínu na rovné ploše. / Gently wipe with a damp cloth and let it dry in the shade on a flat surface.